T.NUA is an experimental artist-run and funded initiative leading international hybrid projects at the intersection of art, community engagement, and education. Through our programs, residencies, exhibitions, and yearly publications, we explore the possibility of a socially beneficial art practice.

Referencing aspects of social sculpture theory, which extends sculpture beyond physical objects to include human activity as medium, T.NUA embodies a collaborative sculptural project as an evolving network of artists and experts collaborating on international socio-cultural initiatives.

Each year, T.NUA selects new subjects to focus on. Our two main programs are:

T.NUA Collaboration Program: A grant exploring hybrid projects that combine socially engaged art practices with focused research in a variety of fields to benefit local communities.

T.NUA Craftsmanship Program: A series of artist residencies dedicated to safeguarding traditional craftsmanship.

From Tao Kulczycki, Ornaghi & Prestinari (OP), with advisor Lindsay Aveilhé